We're a Digital Growth Company.

We utilize digital technologies to help businesses stay relevant, improve process, develop brand, and achieve strategic growth.

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Who We Are

We are a group of technical and business-minded professionals focused on go-to-market and growth primarily through SAAS and scalable solutions.

Our approach to digital growth is unique in that we build applications and solutions at scale to solve not only the problems of a single client but of an entire industry. We capitalize on this approach by building solutions as SAAS applications that are ready to deploy and scale.


We identify, and define, the business opportunity and the solution. Current and future state analysis mixed with on the job experience and data analysis help define the right step forward.


With the solution determined we build the technical platforms and applications to deliver the said solution. Built on solid technical foundations and in agile processes a go-to-market MVP is delivered.


We get our products in front of real customers for real validation. Through constant observation and technical evolution of the products we build, we develop growth ready businesses.


Growing a business involves the combination of marketing and product evolution at speed. An agile mindset at every step is a must to achieve successful growth and minimize the pains of technical innovation and evolution.

What We Do

We have everything to build, launch, and grow successful digital businesses.

Acting as an incubator for our ideas, we build SAAS applications for numerous industries and grow them into viable businesses.

Brand Identity

Every business needs a brand, and in SAAs that brand encompasses many elements above and beyond the companies logo. We establish the right brand for the solution and build it out organically throughout our products. The brand experience is shared with every touchpoint of the products we build.

Strategy & Planning

Every solution begins with a plan. We develop the technical strategy and plan to achieve delivery of the solution. Making use of wireframes for interface and process maximizes efficiency during development and release.


Every product and application we build requires design. To successfully deliver brand and create a familiar consistent visual design is an ongoing iterative process we strive to perfect.

Technical Scalability

Being able to scale means more than just hiring more people to build more things. A solid technical platform is required to quickly scale to match and exceed the requirements of our customers. Our expertise in setting up and managing complex cloud-based technical environments allows our products to scale seamlessly in the background as demand increases.

UI/UX Design

A clean consistent and easy to use interface is a must. Our SAAS applications are built responsively to maximize usability and usage across devices. We spend much of each projects time developing and fine-tuning UI and UX to achieve a high level of CX (Customer Experience).

Full Stack Development

An idea and even a plan is nothing without the ability to execute. Our team of full-stack developers works closely with our strategist to build the solution. An agile approach and iterative testing and design processes allow us to deliver the best possible solution by taking technical restrictions and possibilities into account during the building cycles.

Growth Marketing

For any product to achieve success the ability to reach potential customers is required. Our expertise in growth marketing makes use of underlying marketing strategy but is focused on pinpointing the most efficient tactics to reach the most likely customers. Through the use of various digital marketing tactics and solid traditional forms of marketing comprehensive marketing strategies and execution is performed for each of our products.

Customer Service

Beyond a great product, and market fit, customer service can make or break the success of any SAAS business. Understanding this we have developed the systems and solutions to deliver prompt helpful customer service to all our customers. Furthermore, great customer service helps build a better product over time by delivering benefits and features that customs need, and use!

Our Currnet Focus

We're currently focused on validating and growing the following platforms and businesses...


Where tenant service meets property management...

TenantHub delivers the tenant-focused tools required by commercial property management teams in one easy-to-use platform. Making it easy to manage tenant contacts, business details, tenant work order requests, vendors, building access and more...

TenantHub is a Commercial Tenant Management & Property Management System rolled into one. Which means we take a tenant first approach to everything we do. Our goal is to make it easy for you to operate your property and deliver superior customer service to your tenants at the same time.

Find out more at TenantHub.co

Amateur Sports Association Management

Even for the smallest of communities, amateur sports can become cumbersome...

The management of amateur sports associations, even for the smallest of communities, can be a cumbersome and complex task. In the world of minor hockey, managing the various elements of a single game or practice are numerous.

3PointZero is researching/prototyping a comprehensive platform to perform time management, auto-scheduling of games & practices, various accounting features, an exchange system, facility management and much more.

After three years of partnership with numerous local associations, the platform has evolved and delivered success on many levels from saving 100's of man-hours, and achieving fair play for all the players, coaches, and parents that are involved. There's more to come!

Retail Vendor Management

Streamlining vendor interaction equals better sales results

Managing a large number of retail vendors as a platform provider is heavy on administration tasks and processes. No spreadsheet can manage the amount of data and two-way communications required to successfully manage vendor requests and orders.

The retail vendor management platform provides the tools, e-commerce, and administration processes to ensure a streamlined operation and communication between vendor and platform provider.

3PointZero is researching/prototyping the application and has already been touted as the "global best practice" among category managers and divisions of one of the biggest petroleum and retail service companies in the world.

Retail Contest Engine

Contesting in retail must evolve to the customers of today's mobile world.

Contesting must deliver on the cutting edge of mobile technology to maintain its place in retail promotions, sales, and the development of brand loyalty.

Our contest engine delivers contesting, entry mechanics, multiple winner selection methods, fulfillment, and reporting for contests of all shapes and sizes. While doing so in a simplified process requiring little interaction with end-users.

Used by fortune 100 companies for over 5 years, our contest engine has delivered a solid contesting solution making it possible for thousands of shoppers to win and redeem in-store.

Industry Recruitment Platforms

Delivering an industry focused recruitment platform akes the process better for recruits and companies!

3PointZero has developed a white-labeled platform providing associations of all shapes and sizes with the ability to deliver value-adding services to their members and specific industries or fields.

The industry recruitment platform delivers a comprehensive job board and application system. Once deployed the recruitment platform delivers a space online for industry, and/or skillset specific job postings.

Through marketing and growth tactics each job board has the platform to become an industry leader for recruitment!

Our Team

We're a small group of focused technical and business-minded individuals working together to help businesses grow through digital solutions.

We are focused on building our team with just the right people to build a culture of collaboration and teamwork.

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